You should provide a Dummy Gmail account for us to Login your character. Sky Chaser Guild do not use personal social media accounts to log in.

We will not share any account information among its hired “Pilots”. Once you avail our service, it will be assigned to one individual and will only be handled by that individual until the contract ends. For additional security, the devices our pilots use are owned by Sky Chaser Guild. These devices are not allowed to leave the Sky Chaser Guild office.

Only talk to our moderators in REV.GG or in the Sky Chaser Guild Discord Server. Any transactions made outside these mediums are automatically invalidated and will not be acknowledged by Sky Chaser Guild.

You agree to the risks involved in sharing your account with us. We are not responsible for any breach in the code of conduct of Ragnarok X’s Terms of Service.


You can terminate the service at any given time. Our pilots will logout your account in their devices as soon as a termination order has been given. Please change your password as soon as possible if you wish to end the service.


ATTENTION! Please make sure that your character is BOSS-HUNT ready before we pilot your account

The Boss Hunt Packages and MVP Packages are only available around 7AM to 10PM from Monday to Saturday with a maximum of 9 Hours per account. The Daily Package included in these services will still be completed everyday.

For AFK-Grinding services, there are times that the game will crash or the owner of the account will login the game without the pilot’s knowledge. If this happens during the scheduled AFK Grind Service, Sky Chaser Guild is not obliged to return the payment for that day.

Your account is still your responsibility. Our pilots will not change any from the following: Inventory management, Stat builds, Equipment, Skill Builds and Loadouts.


We can not promise your accounts to get tomes and rare loots during MVP hunting. We can only guarantee you a completed MVP Participation Bonus and Damage Ranking Bonus which will get you plenty of Mini coins and MVP coins every week.

We are not associated with any companies e.g NUVERSE, Google or any media, group or individuals that are directly linked to Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

You have to agree on these terms and conditions before availing Sky Chaser Guild Piloting Services.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.