update december 2021. our pilots are currently at maximum capaciTY. Only the Daily Package services are available at the moment.

does ragnarok x becomes a chore? are you tired of the daily tasks? we’re here to help!


We know that some of us already invested a lot of time and money playing this game and sometimes it sets back our daily real-life duties. Sky Chaser Guild now offers professional piloting services for Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Learn more about our ROX Piloting Services below.

our services

13/16 Slots Taken

Daily package

  • Mission Board Quests
  • COC Missions
  • Guild Orders
  • Tavern
  • 3x Instance Run
  • OX Quiz or Prontera Odin Blessing
  • Daily Xavier’s Fishing Contest
  • Pet Interaction (Frisbee or Patting)

3/5 Slots Are Taken


  • Includes All items from the Daily package.
  • 9 Hour Straight Boss Hunt.
  • Morning Hunt (9AM – 6PM).
  • Other authorized party members can join.
  • Selected servers only.
  • With Daily Reports.

5/5 Party Slots are Taken

exclusive mvp package

  • Includes All Items from the Daily Package.
  • 9 Hour Straight Boss Hunt.
  • Morning Hunt (9AM – 6PM).
  • Easily Secure Top 1 – 5 Rankings which guarantees you a completed damage ranking bonus and participation bonus. (MVP and Mini Coins!)
  • Exclusive Party with Whale accounts.
  • With Daily Reports.

benefits of getting a ROX pilot

  • More time to spend with your family.
  • Get peace of mind knowing that you already completed your daily ROX tasks.
  • Continuous progress of your ROX characters.
  • Guaranteed to give you the time you need to relax.

Who is piloting my account?

Our pilots are gamers in nature who loves the farming and grinding features of the game. This assures you that your account is safely handled by professional gamers that eats MVPs for breakfast.


  • Your account safety is our no.1 priority. We do not share login credentials in our network.
  • We comply with Ragnarok X: Next Generation TOS.
  • If your preferred time of schedule for Daily Package doesn’t come with OX Quiz, We will change it to the Prontera Odin Blessing instead.
  • We do not use any Macro or Third party tools. We play manually with real people.
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions first before applying for our pilot service.