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Gaming Ragnarok X

December 2021 Update! Refine Simulator is now updated with new features like Protection Stones mechanics, Simulation Starting Point and other important data so you can plan ahead of time when you refine in-game.

One of the most important features that any ragnarok games have is their refine system where players can improve their equipment’s status significantly. This gameplay mechanics is the main deciding factor for your character’s development. 

Refining in any ragnarok games is never easy. You may lose your item or you may break it. In Ragnarok X: Next Generation there are 4 different results: Your equipment might level up on success, fail, downgrade and break. But unlike the RO Classic refine system, you won’t lose your equipment here. 

This is the reason why we created a refinement simulator for Ragnarok X: Next Generation. In this simulator, we can gather the data and learn the probabilities of a successful refining in the game. 

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